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Motoring up the coast - cold, overcast day, not much wind.

Coco at the helm - getting us there safe and sound. "Trim 4 Speed, Mom!!!"

Sushi, Gatorade and peanuts for LUNCH, while motoring up the coast.
Laguna Beach in the background.

Trim for Speed!!  Long, slow race-course today!

Just sittin' on the rail, passing time, trying to keep that jib full.

Susie and Denise working on sail trim and tactics.

We got bored, so for a little excitement, we decided to take a picture of Susie while on the HEAD!!! HA!!

Now, there's a trooper - drove all the way from Santa Barbara that morning at 5am to join us!
Hats-off to Betsy and Coco - for dedication! Thanks girls!!

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