Join us in supporting our favorite charity,
a little orphanage in Mexico, called "Casa Hogar"!

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Take a 2-3 hour cruise aboard beautiful Campbell's Sloop, a 34 foot Catalina sailboat, for a suggested donation of $150.00. Up to 6 people are welcome, leaving from Dana Point Harbor.

There are many tours to choose from:

1) Enjoy a tour of beautiful Dana Point Harbor, Doheny Beach and Capo Beach
You'll enjoy seeing kayakers, surfers, rowing teams, fishing boats, whale watching boats, yachts, catamarans and many other beautiful sail boats along the Dana Point coastline. You'll also enjoy flocks of pelicans, seagulls and many other species and variety of birds that make up this diverse ocean community.

2) Enjoy a tour along the beautiful coastline of South Laguna
You're in for a real treat! Ever sailed off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean? Well, you don't have to fly to Italy to enjoy these views. It's right here in the USA in South Laguna Beach. The spectacular scenery of mountainous ridges, steep canyon walls, sandstone cliffs, cozy coves, rocky reef coasts and long, yellow sandy beaches are just some of the spectacular views you'll enjoy from this tour.

3) Enjoy a sunset cruise and watch the sun slip behind Catalina Island
Image this.... sipping wine with cheese and crackers, enjoying the last few hours of the day rocking gently on a sailboat. The sun slowly creeps behind Catalina Island and a mosaic of pinks, yellows, blues and oranges paint the sky above you. It's a wonderful, romantic moment you won't forget.

4) How about a moonlight cruise!
No better time to enjoy the beauty of being on the water than on the night of a FULL MOON. The water shimmers like liquid mercury, and the scene is blissful. You can't imagine the beauty that beholds you of the soft glow of the moon on the water, the faint lights of houses on the hillside of San Clemente, the sounds of the water around you. Another enchanted evening enjoying nature's beauty.

(U.S. Coast Guard License #1125440)
at 949-874-4819

Visit the Orphanage's Website at

Would you like to get involved in supporting this outreach?
Contact Susie Campbell at 949-874-4819


Casa Hogar
Photo Galleries:

Construction at Casa Hogar, March 2007

Field-trip with kids, Sept. 2006

Laguna Beach High School students handing out
Christmas presents to the children in Mexico.

Arts and Crafts for the kids in school.

Dinner-time with all the kids.